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New discoveries in Perperikon

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New discoveries in Perperikon

During digs near the southern slope of Perperikon, the archaeologist prof. Nikolai Ovcharov discovered a forking of a Roman road with support walls and a blacksmith.

The several writings on the rocks near the Roman road are in late ancient Greek language, stated the archaeologist. They will assist in discovering the early name of Perperikon.

They give an accurate idea for the communications that took place near the city during the Roman age.

This is most probably the famous road Via Ignatia between Constantinople and Rome and the fork leads to the southern part of Perperkion through serpentine turnings, said professor Ovcharov.

Near the Roman road, the team of prof. Ovcharov stumbled on a building that most probably served as a blacksmith.

A unique round device with diameter of 10 m. was cleaned up by the archaeologists. The materials found – iron slag, water drains, ceramics, reveal that the place was a blacksmith, said prof. Ovcharov.

A coin from the late 4th century – the time when Roman Perperikon flourished – was also found.

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