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The reported trip of Holywood actor Johnny Depp to Bulgaria in August was actually a fake

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The reported trip of Holywood actor Johnny Depp to Bulgaria in August was actually a fake

The young man, which many believed to be the famous Johnny Depp himself, and who was photographed at a balcony of a resort hotel in Bulgaria, proved just to be some young upcoming actor.

However, the Bulgarian TV channel BTV claimed that the Holywood Bad Boy Johnny Depp has never been to Bulgaria, thus denying the widely spreading rumours that the US star has been seen in one of Bulgaria’s cities along the Black Sea coast.

According to the broadcast, a Bulgarian actor with a striking resemblance to Depp had been the person photographed on the balcony of hotel “Primorets” in Bulgaria’s southern coastal city of Burgas.

The TV broadcast showed a person with astonishing resemblance to Johnny Depp, who was enjoying the view from the balcony of hotel “Primorets” in the city of Burgas.

“Johnny Depp has not been here and there was no person registered here under this name, neither is one at the present” told the hotel owner to the TV guy. “Those pictures are obviously taken with a cell phone, but we are not aware of their origin.”

It came out later, according to the TV channel already mentioned, that supposed Johnny Depp was a 23-year-old actor from the new generation of Bulgaria’s talents. The man – actually named Georgi Velizarov – admitted that he had been impersonating his Hollywood counterpart for a while, but was unwilling to share more detailed information on the whole affair.

The whole deal was a clever PR activity, carried out by a marketing agency and intended to use Velizarov’s appearance to gather some attention. Speculations go around, claiming it was the owner choosing a more creative way to promote his business. By the way, the hotel had just underwent a major renovation.

The final solution to the whole “Johnny Depp in Bulgaria” affair came later, after photos appeared in the media showing the Hollywood star in Hawaii, accompanied by his partner in life, French actress and musician Vanessa Paradis. Those photos were taken at nearly the same time as the claimed appearance of Johnny Depp at hotel balcony in Burgas.

A nice try, one must admit. Anyway, hotels in nearby Sunny Beach were almost fully occupied at that time …

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