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The monospectacle of Marius Donkin “Camera obscura”

Submitted on Saturday, 15 November 2008No Comment
The monospectacle of Marius Donkin “Camera obscura”

The monospectacle of Marius Donkin “Camera obscura” from Nina Mazur, based on the novel of Vladimir Nabokov, premiered yesterday on the stage on the fourth floor of the National theatre “Ivan Vazov”. The spectacle was invited by four international festivals even before it premeiered.

The scenography and costumes are by Elena Ivanova, the music score – Petya Dimanova. Marius Donkin will perform only in one of the festivals – the First festival of monospectacles in Solun this January.

The script is created by the Ukrainian critic and playwright Nina Mazur specially for Marius Donkin. She did this after seeing his winning performance at the festival of monospectacles in Ukraine, of which Mazur is the director. Donkin played “Mr. Ibrahim and the flowers of the Qur’an” there.

The play at the national theatre is the first onstage realization of the “Camera obscura” ever – not only in Bulgaria, but on an international scale, notes Nevena Miteva.