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The tourism business comes up with an anti-crisis program

Submitted on Sunday, 22 February 2009No Comment

The Union of tourism investors (SIT) announced that the National council for tourism will debate once again on the problems and issues related to the international financial crisis.

The tourism business in Bulgaria needs immediate help. The changes of the Law for tourism and the effects of the economical crisis on the sector have been discussed since last year.

The branch organizations insist for an immediate ceasing of the procedures for the change of the aforementioned law. They deem the current law too old and unfit for the current situation of the tourism in Bulgaria, and propose the approval of a completely new law.

They also insist on changes of the Law for the value added tax (VAT), which will ease the life of hotel and restaurant owners.

Tourism unions also insist on the change of the VAT rate, the temporal decrease of taxes, lower “buildings” tax and “garbage” tax.

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