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The real estate sector in Bulgaria: a market of buyers and construction leaders

Submitted on Wednesday, 1 April 2009No Comment

The ongoing crisis will show the real estate business the harsh reality; it will clean up the investment environment from speculative offers and non-profitable projects and will lead to a balanced level of estate prices. This will force the buyers as the leading people of the sector, insists the manager of “Tidar Bulgaria” Yoav Shenhar.

At the moment, Bulgarians are wary to purchase on the spot and prefer to see the project in progress. This gives them an advantage and is a guarantee for the stability of the companies, whose projects are already set in motion, added he.

The interest in projects that have already been started is also steady. Despite the slight decrease of prices, investors of projects that have already been started or even completed will inevitably profit. This situation will filter the serious businessmen in the field, so that they can continue their successful business even in the conditions of a shrinking market.