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The discipline in the National assembly tightens

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The discipline in the National assembly tightens

The leader of DPS Ahmed Dogan will be fined with two thirds of his salary as a member of the parliament, due to four unexcused absences from meetings of the parliament. This was announced by the chairwoman of the parliament Tsetska Tsatcheva.

On Tuesday, the parliamentary members will receive their new ID cards, which will be used to enter the building of the National assembly and vote. The parliament staff expects that the new entry system will lower the possibility of someone voting with someone else’s ID card.

According to the statement of the former parliamentary chairman Georgi Pirinski, who denied the accusations of abuse by the 40th National assembly, Tsetska Tsacheva explained that as a lawyer she works only with facts and all her words are backed by documents. Tsacheva defined the absences of parliamentary members as a matter of morals.

Tsetska Tsacheva, chairwoman of the National assembly:
– The voting citizens will determine if the behavior of mr. Dogan is fitting for a parliamentary member. Since the Constitution does not provide with the legal procedure to oust a parliamentary member, there is no way to oust mr. Dogan. It’s a matter of morals. What we try to accomplish with the regulations is to awaken their conscience.

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