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Berbatov becomes a father by the end of October

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Berbatov becomes a father by the end of October

The captain of the Bulgarian national team Dimitar Berbatov will become a father. At the presentation of the UNICEF book “I Can Too”, the star of Manchester United shared with the media that it will happen a lot sooner than his recent statement “Someday I will have kids”. He will be a father within a few months. The girlfriend of Berbatov – the beautiful Elena is visibly not in the shape of a top model anymore.

The footballer’s girlfriend isn’t hiding her grown belly. Being pregnant hasn’t changed the rhythm of life for Elena much. She’s circling the shops, meeting friends and driving agressively around. The black Mercedes with the same license plate as Berbatov’s is flying across Sofia.

It isn’t known whether the baby was a planned one or not. A while ago Elena moved to Dimitar in Manchester, and they obviously haven’t wasted time. The pregnancy of his girlfriend will definitely change the plans of the footballer for the future wedding. Rumours stated that the couple plans to engage on Christmas and marry around New Year’s eve. Berbatov’s mother, a strong influence on the footballer, liked Elena and approved of the marriage.

It’s very possible to arrange a summer wedding due to the circumstances, because the footballer has a long holiday in the summer. Doctor’s examinations have revealed that the baby will be a girl. Doctors however told Elena that they will be 100% sure of the baby’s gender in mid-July.