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Danka Panchova arrives in Bulgaria

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Danka Panchova arrives in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Danka Panchova, who was in captivity of Somali pirates for nine months, arrives in Bulgaria tomorrow. This was announced by the Ministry of foreign relations.

She was abducted by Somali extremists in November 2008 and was released at long last 7 days ago, along with five other captives.

By August 11th 2009, the Bulgarian woman was in good health. As soon as her freedom was announced, the mayor of the village Danka was born in – Dimitriika Tsokinova – stated that “our freed compatriot will receive a special welcome in the village Saraya, where her parents live”.

Danka is a veterinary medicine graduate, who later specialized in microbiology and feeding of the population in the Alexandria University. She speaks French. Her work in the humanitarian foundation started seven years ago, and the unlucky mission was her sixth. She has been twice in Somalia, once in Myanmar and once in Nepal.

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