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Borisov to form a coalition with Kostov

Submitted on Wednesday, 4 February 2009No Comment
Borisov to form a coalition with Kostov

The informal leader of GERB Boiko Borisov revealed to Bulgarians in Chicago, that his party will form a coalition with DSB, lead by Ivan Kostov.

“We finally found commond grounds with Kostov. Even the Bulgarian media don’t know that yet; we met several times. Our common adversary is clear. I hate communists”, snapped Borisov during the meeting in the Orthodox church “St. Ivan Rilski”.

According to Borisov, one of the biggest problems of Bulgaria is the uneducated populace. “Such a large part of Bulgaria’s population – one million gypsies, 700-800 thousand Turkish, 2 million and a half pensioners. All of them oppose GERB”, explains the mayor of Sofia. Borisov stated that pensioners still support the communist party out of sheer stupidity.

The mayor of Sofia said that recently socialists tried to buy “one of his most trusted collaborators”, without naming him. “He was offered 20 million Euro, but he acted like a man and declined.”