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Roman remnants near Varna

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Roman remnants near Varna

The initial researches in the locale Mentesheto near Varna are completed. They were conducted by the scientists Alexander Minchev and Teodor Roskov.

The goal was to research the well-known stone structure in the locale and the terrain below it. The structure resembles a dolmen – characteristic Thracian tombs, typical for Southern Bulgaria.

Below layers of comparatively new soil, the scientists found remnants from three different periods of civilization on the same spot. The earliest remnants were Roman, from the 2nd – 3rd century. Near the end of the 3rd century – early 4th century, another building has been constructed on the same spot, but it didn’t last for long. Near the 9th century, an ancient Bulgarian structure took the same spot.

The researches confirm the construction of villages on top of one another. Their existence was only a rumor until now, announced the local Archaeology museum.