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Rally “Trayanovi vrata” changes the traffic in Pazardzhik

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Rally “Trayanovi vrata” changes the traffic in Pazardzhik

The sixth auto rally “Trayanovi vrata” (Trayan’s gates) will take place on April 25th – 26th.

The “Road police” section of the regional police in Pazardzhik announced that during the competition, the traffic of normal vehicles will be temporarily restricted.

On Saturday, the road between the villages Gorno Varshilo and Dolno Varshilo (ending near the “Trakia” highway) will be closed between 16:00 PM and 21:00 PM. Citizens will be redirected through a roundabout way. The road between the village Tserovo and the village Muhovo will also be closed between 16:30 PM and 21:30 PM.

On Sunday, the same roads will be closed between 08:00 AM and 14:00 PM.