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16 medals for bulgarian Taekwondo team

Submitted on Sunday, 2 November 2008No Comment
16 medals for bulgarian Taekwondo team

Today in pressclub Bulgaria a conference was held to celebrate the success of our national Taekwondo team in the Balkans championship that took place in Bukurest on October 24th – 26th. The bulgarian team participated with twenty competitors and won a total of sixteen medals.

Best in their respective categories were Krasimir Tomanov, Stoil Stoilov and Svilen Smilenov. The head coach of the team Plamen Transki announced at the briefing, that he is exceptionally proud and happy of the team’s performance, and that it was of utmost importance that the young team showed considerable willpower and confidence.

Transki shared, that he hopes for monetary bonuses for the winners, but isn’t sure if that will happen yet. The competitors have yet to face the traditional “open” tournaments in Serbia, and also the european championship for university students in Moscow.