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Jerzy Buzek will visit Bulgaria

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Jerzy Buzek will visit Bulgaria

The choice of Jerzy Buzek for President of the European Parliament (EP) is a clear sign. Choosing him means that the contribution of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe will be crucial to the construction of our mutual European home, the stability of European integration, the reforms for the better future of the European union.

This was stated by Rumiana Jeleva, MEP from GERB and vice-president of the parliamentary group of the European national party in the EP.

Jeleva congratulated the parliamentary members with the constituting of the 41st National assembly and wished them success. According to Jeleva, this day marks the end of the involuntary division between new and old members of the EU parliament, which started back in 2004.

“I think that the choice of Buzek for President of the EP is a clear signal for a unified Europe. European integration moves both to the East and West,” added she.