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Grigor Dimitrov – the new Roger Federer?

Submitted on Thursday, 18 June 2009No Comment
Grigor Dimitrov – the new Roger Federer?

The opinion of the ex-coach of Roger Federer – the Swede Peter Lundgren on the Bulgarian talent Grigor Dimitrov is apparently very high.

The British newspaper “Guardian” wrote that according to the specialist – coach of Federer in the period 2000 – 2003, the winner of the last year’s Wimbledon Junior events and the US Open has the necessary talent to be the next big star in tennis worldwide.

Lundgren and Dimitrov watched together the historical victory of Roger Federer in Paris, reveals the article.

The Swede believes, that the 18 year old Bulgarian is better than Federer, when he was his age.

“Grigor is confident with all sorts of hits”, Lundgren tells the Guardian and adds: “He only has to become stronger – that’s all. Above all, he has the drive – the desire to win.”