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Bulgarian workers – still sought during the crisis

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Bulgarian workers – still sought during the crisis

“If you’re a doctor, engineer, nurse – Bulgarians with these professions that want to live abroad can realize their wish with no trouble at all, even during the crisis that lead to the increase of unemployment all across Europe”. Those were the words of Slavka Radeva – EURES manager for Bulgaria, when she analysed the work possibilities for Bulgarians abroad during the crisis.

“In Spain, for example, there are jobs for about 50 Bulgarian doctors of various specialties. Hospitals in Germany are also looking for about 50 doctors and 15 nurses from Bulgaria”, explained Slavka Radeva.

She added that the highly-qualified Bulgarian cadres are headed abroad not only for the higher salaries, but for the better working conditions and opportunities to improve qualification.

The Bulgarian Agency for labour is a full-rights member of the European Job Mobility Portal – EURES. EURES is a network for collaboration between labour agencies in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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