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Bulgarian travels around the globe alone

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Bulgarian travels around the globe alone

“I’m out for a ride, I’ll be right back.” Those are the words of Kosta Atanasov (, who sets of on a journey around the globe on June 21st. His only companio will be another drifter – his own Kawasaki 800 Drifter.

Kosta will be the first Bulgarian to make such a journey on two wheels. His initiative gradually became a full-scale media project, which he calls “a fire inside”, in true rocker fashion.

Kosta is a 30 year old painter, who also studies stage production, but is mostly dealing with computer graphics and design in advertising and computer games.

He claims that his latest project is dedicated to making people believe that they can live the way they want – not how they were told to. Despite traveling alone, he promises to “bring” everyone with him.

Each week he will make a new entry in his journal, telling stories of the road. The tales from his journey will be published in a book after his return. He also promises to make an exhibition of all the photos he makes on his journey.