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The oldest city in Europe is in Bulgaria

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The oldest city in Europe is in Bulgaria

The oldest city in Europe discovered to date was found by the village Iunatsite, near the city Pazardzhik, announced the famous archaeologist Yavor Boiadzhiev for the newspaper Novinar.

The scientist researched the region for years, but it was this year that was successful for his team. They found evidence that the village was actually a big, fortified city on an area of over 100 decares. To this day, archaeologists only found traces of it’s neolithic origin.

Now, scientists have traces of fortifying walls that circled the ancient city. The walls were nearly 5 metres high. The borders of the city exceeded the hill. Scientists suggest a population of over 1000 people, which is a serious quantity for the age. Archaeologists think, that the ancient city was founded over 7000 years ago and was destroyed by barbarian attacks.