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Museum of the fountains in the municipality of Banite

Submitted on Thursday, 16 April 2009No Comment
Museum of the fountains in the municipality of Banite

A museum of the fountains is under construction in the municipality of Banite, announced Evelina Kadieva – vice-mayor of the municipality.

The project is under construction by the Program for development of rural regions. Kadieva explained that there is a tradition for the construction of various fountains in the municipality of Banite. The municipality is also popular with it’s mineral waters.

The museum will be built in the village Davidkovo. The place is chosen because it has a larger water-supplied territory which will keep the fountains functional.

According to Kadieva, this is a unique museum for Bulgaria. It will sprawl over an area of four decares. The number of fountains is still not revealed. They will all be constructed in traditional styles from Banite.