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Internet expo begins in Plovdiv

Submitted on Wednesday, 3 June 2009No Comment

A new internet expo is coming soon, beginning June 5th. Web Expo 2009 will feature nearly 40 companies and expects more than 4000 visitors.

The event is part of the International Fair of Plovdiv, which takes place between June 5th – 6th.

The visitors of the event will be both branch professionalists and regular internet users. They will get acquainted with the latest internet trends and the future of internet in Bulgaria in the face of developing Bulgarian web companies.

The goal of the expo is to present the web space as a new generation business tool, a modern and intelligent way to fight the global financial crisis.

Web Expo is especially addressed at online media, web design companies, online shops, web based mobile applications, IT and internet companies that offer jobs, etc. More info can be found at: