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I know Bulgaria – Iordanka Hristova!

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I know Bulgaria – Iordanka Hristova!

“I know Bulgaria – Iordanka Hristova!” – those were the words of a Cuban in Rome, when he heard the name “Bulgaria”.

“I know Russian, I knew Che Guevara, and I have a photo with Iordanka Hristova. She knows Spanish, she is beautiful and sings wonderful songs,” remembers the man.

The picture remained in Cuba, but he keeps the fond memory of it. “I like your country. You are good folk, and we like each other. I’m a Cuban, and you are from a friendly country,” added the Cuban.

Alfredo is an elderly man who came from Cuba to Italy. He works at a small souvenir store in the center of Rome and evidently lives happy – with his souvenirs and his memories.

He didn’t want to share much about his life, but in his short story he mentioned the name of the popular Bulgarian singer at least 14 times – with respect. A short story on the streets near the Colosseum.

The history of the world, told at each corner and the memories of a Cuban… for the Bulgarian music.