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Golf field in the Borisova garden – soon

Submitted on Saturday, 18 April 2009No Comment
Golf field in the Borisova garden – soon

The ambitions of the Bulgarian golf association lead by Krasimir Gergov took them to the Borisova garden in Sofia. The association plans to turn four decares of terrain in the park into a golf field. The terrain is currently owned by the municipal firm “Sport Sofia”, but the firm doesn’t mind to let the association rent it.

The proposal was introduced to the municipality commissions and was included in the order of the day for the municipality council last Thursday. Councillors however, find the idea preposterous and state that it proves once again the municipality’s inability to deal with it’s own property.

The association wants a total of six decares out of the 15 decares property of “Sport Sofia”, located between the stadium “Iunak” and the alley along the CSKA stadium.