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European car free day celebrations in Sofia

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European car free day celebrations in Sofia

Yesterday, September 22, Europe celebrated the European car free day. In Bulgaria ‘The green tigers’ and the political party ‘Green party/The Bulgarian green’ organized an untraditional celebration, which included ‘dressing up’ two automobiles in funny pig costumes and tying up black balloons to their exhausts. This way cars were shown as main polluters of the air we inhale every day.

The campaign started at 10:30a.m. sharp at the square in front of National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The young ecologists introduced the spectators and journalists with the advantages of riding more often a bike and the need of more pedestrian and bicycle areas in the capital. They also suggested one car can carry four passengers in stead of only one. The activists handed out special brochures which told of the history of the European car free day and explained the presents how to live and move and preserve nature at the same time. These brochures also include suggestions of limiting the traffic jams and harmful air emissions.

The ecologists addressed personal appeal to the Mayor of the capital concerning the urgent measures that need to be taken. ‘The larger our city is, the heavier the traffic is in it. It’s also a lot dirtier and the pavements are filled with cars. We want to change that’, said members of ‘Green party/The Bulgarian green’.

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