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Borisov: There is no waste crisis

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Borisov: There is no waste crisis

Sofia’s Mayor Boyko Borisov is going to sign Monday an agreement with the city of Silistra to transport the first load of Sofia’s waste to the Silistra landfill.

This statement was made before Darik radio by Borisiov himself, who spoke at the official Saturday launch of the campaign to clean the Pancherevo lake in Sofia.

Borisov explained that the Sofia municipality had saved BGN 40 M from the reopening of the Suhodol landfill to pay for the waste’s transportation.

Yet just one more time, the Mayor accused the Cabinet of using the issue with the capital’s waste for political purposes and underlined that the Cabinet was entirely responsible for the ecological side of the problem.

Borisov further said that there was a great chance that the town of Sevlievo would also take some of Sofia’s waste.

“Sevlievo has a large capacity and with the terms we are offering them, they would gain some extra money and the State would finance some of the town’s projects,” Borisov stated, adding that currently there was no crisis with Sofia’s waste.

“We have one of the very few landfills in Bulgaria with perfect papers and permits. There is talk about waste crisis every day when we do not have a crisis and every day pictures of waste appear on the media’s front pages. This is absolutely a political order. But people continue to ask – why so many Bulgarian died on the highways that have never been built? They also ask – why isn’t the Bulgarian contingent returning from Iraq, why did they lie to the retired people that they were going to take them on vacation and they actually won’t take them,” Borisov said.

The Mayor also explained that the signing of the agreement with the Ministries’ Council for the solution of the waste problem has failed because Deputy Prime Minister Plugchieva has refused to meet with him.

“She refused. I cannot go to see her when she is not there. We called three times to ask, but they declined. So, Plugchieva is just the next one who wanted to take credit for the solution of the problem and realized that we were making progress. Now, when Stanishev and Parvanov are clearly fighting, she suddenly decided to say that it was Borisov’s fault. I think that the Minister of the Environment – Dzhevdet Chakarov is behaving much more professionally and with dignity when Sofia’s problems are concerned compared with the Premier Stanishev and the Deputy Prime Minister Plugchieva,” the Mayor concluded.

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