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An Indian novel about Bulgaria was published

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An Indian novel about Bulgaria was published

Bulgarian music and history are the main topic of the latest novel of Rana Dasgupta – “Solo” – published by HarperCollins. It is a novel for the failures of a man and a nation and the things you have to lose just to go on living.

This is the second novel of Rana Dasgupta from his planned cycle of thirteen independent, but interconnected works. His debut novel, “Tokyo Cancelled”, is considered by the critics to be a modern “Canterbury Tales”. Rana is compared with Salman Rushdie and Gabriel GarcГ­a MГЎrquez.

His latest novel – “Solo” – takes place in the Bulgarian capital. It follows the events of the twentieth century, including wars and communism, through the eyes of a century-old man. The story follows the man as he loses everything until he understands the true meaning of loss.