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Stanishev discharges the vice-minister Galina Tosheva

Submitted on Wednesday, 21 January 2009No Comment
Stanishev discharges the vice-minister Galina Tosheva

The prime minister Sergey Stanishev discharged the vice-minister of economics and energetics from the socialisty party quota Galina Tosheva. The decision is related to the procedure for selection of members of th Council of directors of the “Bulgarian energetics holding” (BEH) EAD, announced the press centre of the govenrment.

According to the result of the aforementioned procedure a Council was selected. Galina Tosheva will join this Councila along Dimitar Gogov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Boris Pekov and Tencho Popov. The discharge of Galina Tosheva from her previous duty was requested by her, to ensure no conflict of interests arises.