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X-men villain in Sofia

Submitted on Wednesday, 17 June 2009No Comment
X-men villain in Sofia

The villain from the latest X-men movie has been living in Sofia for a month now. Scott Adkins is in Bulgaria to take part in the movie “The Indisputable 3”. The action movie star is living in the apart-house “Bulgaria”, a previous residence of choice for Colin Farrell, Jean-Claude Van Damme and other colleagues. Each day, he trains in the sports center in the closed residential complex.

The Brit is a devoted fan of “Aston Villa”. He fully supports the choice of Stilian Petrov as the best player of the season within the excellent British team. “I’ve been living alone for a year, and I have more time to follow matches”, admits the “adversary” of Hugh Jackman in an interview for the “Slava” (fame) magazine.