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Slavi walks 24 hours after the operation

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Slavi walks 24 hours after the operation

Less than 24 hours after his accident in the hotel “Vereya” in Stara Zagora where he broke his leg, Slavi Trifonov is walking once again.

With the help of the medical staff he is really moving around, confirmed dr. Ivan Bratoev, chief of the orthopedics clinic in the private hospital “St. Ivan Rilski”, where Trifonov was operated.

According to the wish of Slavi, the doctors from his team are keeping things discrete. It’s only known that the operation was successful.

Tomorrow we will decide whether we should discharge him from the hospital, but overall he doesn’t need additional medical intervention, says dr. Bratoev. Slavi wants to recover at home, and stated that he could return to the nation’s favorite show as early as September.

The choice of Slavi to be operated in the private hospital “St. Ivan Rilski” was not dictated by the emergency situation. Dr. Bratoev is among the top orthopedic surgeons in Bulgaria. He specialized in dozens of orthopedic clinics – German, Swiss, Austrian, etc. He has also been the chief of the university orthopedics clinic in the university hospital of Stara Zagora.