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Princess Miriam permitted to see Kardam

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Princess Miriam permitted to see Kardam

The Bulgarian Princess Miriam Ungria was finally permitted to see her husband – the Bulgarian Prince Kardam – in the Madrid ‘October 12′ hospital where he is staying after their August 15 car accident. Simeon Sax-Coburg’s eldest son has suffered a severe head trauma and fractures on both arms. Kardam is currently in coma.

The Princess was also seriously injured in the crash and was listed in another Madrid hospital. She was released in the beginning of September and so far has not been allowed to visit her husband. During her release the Princess said she didn’t remember anything from the accident. Initially, she wasn’t even informed of Kardam’s condition.

In the meantime, some details were revealed about the car crash. According to Spanish media, the family has been attending a wedding the day before. Miriam and Kardam stayed in their vacation home in Riaza before continuing their travel to Madrid.

The royal family hopes, despite the stress and the fatigue, that Prince Kardam will recover from his injuries.

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