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No drama in BNB, Iskrov with a new mandate

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No drama in BNB, Iskrov with a new mandate

The manager of the Bulgarian national bank (BNB) Ivan Iskrov sent his resignation to the parliament. It was immediately voted on and approved by the parliament.

The resignation of the assistant-director of BNB Nikolai Nenovski was initially included in the voting schedule of the parliament, but before the beginning of the meeting, the chairwoman of the National assembly Tsetska Tsacheva announced the resignation of Iskrov.

The resignation of Iskrov was approved of with 144 votes. The assistant-director of BNB Nikolai Nenovski was also discharged from his duties. The discharge of the two was voted on simultaneously.

Mr. Iskrov will tend to his duties as director of BNB until October 10th 2009, when his mandate officially ends. “There is no drama, no problems”, stated Iskra Fidosova from GERB.

Later on emerged rumors that GERB will most probably offer Iskrov another mandate as director of the National Bank. This was concluded from the statements of Menda Stoyanova, chief of the budget commission, and one of it’s members – Stoyan Mavrodiev.

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