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Krivodol with a new business initiative

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A ceramic factory is expected to be build on the territory of Krivodol municipality. For the purpose there are raw materials – before 1989 there have been an enterprise for ceramic products.

The initiative is on stage announcing a competition for concession of the territories where the raw materials will be obtained.

‘The investor himself has already almost negotiated about the technology, the credits; most probably a European bank will provide the needed funds. The investor is Bulgarian, native. From now on it’s very important that people manage to occupy the newly opened working places, because many of the constantly unemployed are almost completely unqualified’, said the Mayor of Krivodol, engineer Nikolai Ivanov.

The unemployment have fallen from 32% in 2003 to 18% at the moment.

‘I will once again emphasis on the fact that most of these 18% a constantly unemployed, with no qualifications, without any ambition of changing – that’s the worse. This kind of inclination is hard to change. We are trying to change that as much as we can with the help of the Ministry of the Labour and Social policy, as well as our own social programmes with mainly communal direction’, added Ivanov.

According to him every subsidized employment isn’t permanent and it will be really hard for such people to obtain work on these new projects.

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