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Ecologists disrupted the presentation of the “Burgas – Alexandroupolis” project

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Ecologists disrupted the presentation of the “Burgas – Alexandroupolis” project

Ecologists and members of most political parties in Burgas disrupted the presentation of the international company “Trans-Balkan Pipeline”. The company was given the project to construct the oil pipeline Burgas – Alexandroupolis. The protest of the citizens spilled withing the hall and prevented the company to present the project for the pipeline.

The protest before the official meeting and the booing during the meeting itself practically chased off the member of parliament-minister of the regional development Kalin Rogachev and the company executives. The meeting could only last three minutes; the opening words of the executive director Alexander Tarkanov were disrupted by citizens spilling inside the halls, calling the officials “Mafia” and telling them to “Go home”.

The chairman of the Municipality council of Burgas Valery Simeonov supported the views of the protesters. According to him, this pipe would destroy tourism and the livelihood of many people. Simeonov was explicit, that the voices of nearly 50 thousand citizens of Burgas that voted against the pipeline in February, can’t be ignored.

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