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Desi Dobreva comes back from the US with a new album

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Desi Dobreva comes back from the US with a new album

The former singer of ‘Slavi Show’ Desislava Dobreva has finished her first album, named ‘Tya e’ (She is). It will be released with 50 000 copies, but won’t be on sale. The girl, who once made Mihail Gorbachov cry with a Russian song she sang, has made a unique photosession especially for her album in which she look completely different than usual. ‘You won’t be able to recognize me’, laughs Desi. She has already handed out the first copies of her album to her former colleagues from ‘Slavi Show’. For the purpose she specially came to Sofia. All were very happy, but the leader of ‘Ku-Ku Bend’ Evgeni Dimitrov – The Maestro was the happiest of all.

The final date of the official presentation of the album isn’t clear yet, it depends on the sponsors. ‘I’m really glad, this was my dream since I was 15 and I finally fulfilled it. There were many problems. I had to come back from the US because the Ministry of Culture were making trouble. There had been something in the contract that needed to be fixed. At the end they apologized for the misunderstanding. Than the factory in the Netherlands that had to create the cover went in summer vacation. However, the songs are great. The sponsors decided that the album would be free on their credit card. This way is better because otherwise it would’ve become too expensive and people wouldn’t have been able to buy it. Everything in it is unique – from the cover to the details’, said Desislava Dobreva. Currently she is resting in her home in Varna from the long recordings. Some of the songs in her album are Bulgarian national songs. Among them are ‘Lilyano Mome’ and ‘Makedonsko devoyche’. Most of them are new, written for Desi from the best Bulgarian composers.

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