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Burgas accepts forum for new technologies

Submitted on Sunday, 5 October 2008One Comment
Burgas accepts forum for new technologies

A two-day forum, dedicated to high technologies, will be conducted in Burgas. The event is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and Burgas has been chosen for a host because of the organizers’ opinion that the city has potential to become Bulgaria’s centre in high technology.

In the framework of the seminar, the presents will be introduced with the experience of one of the leading companies in the world in this field – VILAU. VILAU is a Spanish holding from the international group INI-GraphicsNet, which specializes in developing technological projects mainly in the fields of culture tourism and heritage and in developing and applying media communicational channels for municipalities and state structures.

The main purpose is culture institutions to become more accessible for visitors through introducing innovative educational and attractive multimedia applications. The company offers new methods of collecting, preserving, studying and delivering art and culture. The usage of virtual technologies allows the creation of unique models through which interaction with the audience and combining education and entertainment is allowed. The visitors become part of history and active discoverers instead of passive spectators. They are introduced with visual walks and restoration of places and events.

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