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Bulgaria celebrated it’s Independence

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Bulgaria celebrated it’s Independence

Yesterday, Veliko Tarnovo celebrated the 101st anniversary of the Bulgarian Independence. According to tradition, the ceremony began with a mass lead by the bishop of Veliko Tarnovo Grigorii in the historical church “St. 40 Martyrs”.

On September 22nd 1908, in this very same church, ministers from the government of Alexander Malinov, national representatives, clergy and regular citizens of Veliko Tarnovo witnessed knjaz (prince) Ferdinand’s announcement of Bulgaria’s Independence and his ascension to the title “tsar”.

The anniversary celebration took place on the hill Tsarevets. The ritual involved the rising of the national flag, a speech by the mayor and laying of wreathes in front of the “Pyramid” monument, erected in honor of the Independence.

The parade went from Tsarevets down the main street of the city, carrying a colorful garland to the monument “Mother Bulgaria”. The day ended with the audio-visual spectacle “Sound and light”.