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Boiko Borisov denies the possibility for bought votes

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Boiko Borisov denies the possibility for bought votes

Boiko Borisov warned that any member of GERB that gets involved in purchasing of votes will be expelled from the political party.

He commented that votes can be bought much harder in larger cities, and they are not going to affect the overall results there. He explained the success of GERB in local elections in larger cities with that fact.

Borisov stated that the large sums that political parties throw for election campaigns and black PR worry him. “I have information that smaller ethnicities in cities with population of mixed descent are treated like a market that can be bought and sold. I sincerely hope that these people that give them 20, 30, 50 or 100 leva for their vote are not going to do anything for them as an ethnicity over the next four years. The previous few years proved that,” concluded Borisov.