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The US and Russia – together in Sofia

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The US and Russia – together in Sofia

American rangers and Russian soldiers will march in unison on the yellow pavement in Sofia. The military ministry expects both countries to accept their invitation to participate in the traditional parade for the day of St. George.

Invitations have been sent to a total of 30 countries from NATO and the European Union. The United States have also been invited. Invitations were also sent to countries which contributed to the war between Russia and Turkey that lead to the freedom of Bulgaria. Such countries are Romania, Ukraine, Finland, Moldova, etc. The massive event marks the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian independence. The idea is to have a platioon and an orchestra from each country. So far, four countries have accepted the invitation officially and about 12 have accepted verbally.

After finishing their marching, the soldiers will give way to the military vehicles of the Bulgarian army. Organizers also plan an aviation show that will feature both combat and transport airplanes.