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“The builders of modern Bulgaria” – 20 years after the democratization

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“The builders of modern Bulgaria” – 20 years after the democratization

During the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the constituent assembly and the constitution of Turnovo, the chairman of the National assmebly Georgi Pirinski called for an awakening of the mind for a unifying national cause.

During his greeting to the guests, the chairman Georgi Pirinski also said that 20 years after the beginning of the democratization there are still questions on the state organization, the representation of the citizens in the government and the actuality of the Constitution.

In 1879, the constituent assembly approves the first Bulgarian constitution, known in our political history as the Constitution of Tarnovo.

“We are here not only to celebrate the anniversary, but to look back in the historical forum that took place 130 years ago and founded the basics for a new life in the newest Bulgarian history”, said Pirinski.

“Less than a year ago after the freeing of the country, 230 representatives of the nation from all over Bulgaria gathered here. Ever since then, people call them “the builders of modern Bulgaria”.