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The rocks of Belogradchik – fourth in the rankings

Submitted on Wednesday, 4 February 2009No Comment
The rocks of Belogradchik – fourth in the rankings

The rocks of Belogradchik are now fourth in the rankings for “Caverns, rock formations and valleys” of the nominees that compete for a place among the “New seven natural wonders of the world”.

This was announced by Svetla Dimitrova, co-ordinator of the Initiative committee that ran the candidature of the natural phenomenon of Belogradchik. The official nominees are 261, coming from 222 countries across the world.

The first stage of voting ends on July 7th, reducing the nominees to 77. Two more stages will follow, which will reduce candidates to 24 and finally 7.

The competition will end in 2011. Bulgaria competes in the “Caverns, rock formations and valleys” category with the rocks of Belogradchik.

People can vote on the official webpage of the competition and on the website of the municipality of Belogradchik .