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Chilova: The trading of our history is over

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Chilova: The trading of our history is over

NDSV presented the New law for the cultural heritage during a press conference in the headquarters of the political party.

The member of parliament-chairman of NDSV Ognian Gerdjikov said that he was supported not only by his colleagues in NDSV, but also by his party’s coalitional partners – BSP and DPS, and even members of the opposition.

„A circle of people rallied themselves, being opposed to the law becuase of personal financial interests. However, we want the ancient treasures of Bulgaria for the whole nation, and won’t surrender them to private interests”, declared Gerdjikov.

That is why, according to him, the uproar of treasure-hunters was so bitter.

„This project is a national cause, because it legitimates us as a part of the european civilization. It is our duty to keep it safe”, said Nina Chilova – member of the Political council of NDSV and chairman of the parliamentary commission for culture. She was also a key member in the creation of this law.

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