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The national healthcare portal gets launched

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The national healthcare portal gets launched

The official presentation of the results from the project “National health portal and personal electronic documentation for 40 000 employees of the national administration” took place on March 4th in the lecture hall of the UNSBAL “St. Ekaterina”.

The system was launched officially by the ministers of national administration and healthcare Nikolay Vasilev and Evgenii Zhilev in the presence of ambassadors of EU member countries, government officials, representatives of the physician and patient organizations and managers of large hospitals in Bulgaria.

The national healthcare portal provides up to date accurate information on healthcare to all Bulgarian citizens. It unites the healthcare sector through internet and thus gives the opportunity to citizens and physicians to exchange information regardless of location. People can access infromation on various medical procedures and registers, different kinds of treatment and an extensive variety of documents used in the physician practice. The portal also contains up do date news on medicine and links to other health related websites.

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