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Vasily’s liturgies were performed

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Vasily’s liturgies were performed

All orthodox churches in Bulgaria noted the day of St. Vasily the Great with the Vasily lithurgies on January 1st. This is a tradition for the first day of the new year. All people named Vasil, Vasilka, Vasilena, etc. have a name-day on January 1st.

Despite the early hour of the liturgies, the central churches of Sofia had at least 20-30 people in them. Traditions dictate that among the remaining dishes from New Year’s Eve, there must be a boiled and spiced pig’s head on the table.

The pig’s head can be replaced by a rooster or a turkey. There must be also honey, walnuts, pastry, and a round loaf on the table. With the day of St. Vasily, the winter cycle of holidays continues. Many processions of traditional “kukeri” dancers took place on January 1st.