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Over a billion for the BTK estates

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The estate properties of the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTK) are worth over a billion leva.

Brokers appraised 1973 buildings of the telecommunicaption company all across Bulgaria. The price of estates in different cities varies between 3,7 euro to 3000 euro per square meter.

The cheapest offer is the building in the village Godech near Sofia. The property is 526 square meters large and is put up for sale at the price of 3300 to 4300 leva, according to the client. The most expensive estate is the 17 000 square meter building on the Sofian street “Gurko” 4.

The central building in Sofia was appraised to be worth 3000 euro per square meter. This means a price of at least 51 million euro for the central estate of BTK.

Between 576 and 748 million leva can be taken for the rest of the estates of the telecommunication company, according to brokers.

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