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Russian pressure for the nuclear power plant Belene

Submitted on Monday, 5 October 2009No Comment

Numerous Russian medias, including RIA-Novosti, Prime-TASS and Rosblat, as well as the online issues of “Pravda”, cited the statement of the Russian vice-prime minister and minister of finance Alexei Kudrin in Istanbul.

Kudrin, who participates in the annual meeting of the IMF and the World bank stated that Russia is considering crediting Bulgaria with 3,8 million EUR for the construction of the nuclear power plant “Belene”.

The crediting could take place only if Russian companies participate in the construction of the Bulgarian nuclear power plant, states Rosblat.

At the moment, Russia is interested in the economy reasoning behind the construction of the nuclear power plant and in the crediting conditions if Russian companies are involved in the construction.

“Bulgaria never wanted a loan from Russia to construct the power plant Belene,” timely counters the Bulgarian minister of economy, energy and tourism Traicho Traikov.

This hints at Russian pressure for their involvement in the nuclear power plant “Belene”.