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“Novoto vreme” also enters a coalition of SDS and DSB

Submitted on Tuesday, 24 March 2009No Comment
“Novoto vreme” also enters a coalition of SDS and DSB

The parliamentary reporter of BGNES announced that the political party “Novoto vreme” (The New times) joins the right wing coalition of SDS and DSB.

In days, the agreement that will formally seal the approval of the two political formations will be signed. Today, after talks between Veselin Metodiev (DSB), Petar Moskov (DSB), Toni Daskalov (SDS), Boris Markov (SDS) and Emil Koshlukov (Novoto vreme), the representatives of the parties also agreed to join the charity cause of the TV show “VIP Brother”, in which Emil Koshlukov participates.

Veselin Metodiev said, that they have no ideology differences with “Novoto vreme”, because the ideas were laid out in the agreement between SDS and DSB.