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Arbanasi celebrated the village holiday

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Arbanasi celebrated the village holiday

The celebration for the day of Arbanasi (August 15th) began with a mass in the church “Assumption of Mary”, where the wondrous icon of the Virgin Mary is kept.

A challenge for amateur folklore singers took place at 11:00 h. in the center of the village. At 14:00 h., the village authorities revealed a commemorative stone plate of Sofronii Vrachanski in the house where he once lived.

Next on the celebration schedule was the presentation of the book of Nikolai Uvaliev for the life and deeds of Atanas Burov, whose mother was born in Arbanasi. The presentation will be conducted by the historicist prof. Andrey Pantev.

Music will entertain the citizens during the afternoon. The mayor Tosho Krastev will make an official speech at 20:00 h., followed by a concert of Militsa and Asen Zlatarski.