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A Cyrillic scripture from the beginning of the 10th century was found near Burgas

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A Cyrillic scripture from the beginning of the 10th century was found near Burgas

A scripture of the Old Bulgarian name Braton was found during the excavations of the “Rusokastron” fortress.

The scripture consists of two lines, written in Cyrrilic and dates back from the beginning of the 10th century.

This is a proof of the presence of a Bulgarian garrison in the fortress, built 1500 years ago, announced for BTA Tsonia Drazheva, leader of the archaeological excavations in “Rusokastron”.

This is only scripture in early Cyrillic, found until this moment, explained Drazheva.

Old Bulgarian pottery, weapons and jewels from 9 – 10 century were also discovered.

The fortress is located 3 km north from the Burgas village Rusokastro.

It was built when the Avarians invaded the territories on their way to Constantinople and set on fire Eastern Thrace lands.

Parts of a double fortifying system, consisting of two stone walls were found during the excavations. They are 1, 6 and 2 m thick and were constructed from well-lined stone blocks.

Dozens of finds from various iron, bronze and bone weapons and objects, connected to the armaments and the construction of the wooden doors and fighting paths, were discovered.

A research of two living premises was held. They were probably the barracks of the garrison with stables, furrieries, kitchens and other farm buildings, says Drazheva.

Drazheva also mentions that the discovered buildings and equipments are to be conserved and restorated.

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