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12 % growth of the estate market in Blagoevgrad

Submitted on Friday, 14 November 2008No Comment

For the third quarter of the year, the estate market in Blagoevgrad shows a 12 % growth compared to the same period in . That was the announcement of Dobromir Ganev, boss of the “Foros” agency. He noted, that for the same period the average percentage all across the country is reversed – usually marking a declining rate of 2%.

Ganev made comparisons with Sofia and Varna, where the estate markets grew rapidly during the last 4-5 years, but a decline is starting to show up. He noted that the decrease in these cities is 7% and 17% respectively.

“The growth of the price of estates in Blagoevgrad by 5,5% is a fact”, added Ganev.

The prices of apartments in blocks have the smallest growth. The construction of new buildings is not disproportionate to the demand, as is the case at the Black Sea coast. The new buildings in the city are over 30, and their summed up proportions are nearly 10 000 square metres.