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Young drivers – off the jeeps

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Young drivers – off the jeeps

Young drivers will not be allowed to drive large and powerful cars. It is forbidden for them to drive vehicles with an engine with a capacity of over 1600 cubic centimetres. This was the addition to the new law for driving, which Bulgarian deputees discussed on first reading.

The rookie drivers will also not be able to drive their friends around. All drivers below two years of experience behind the wheel will not have the right to drivw with more than one underage person. If this is necessary, an adult companion must always be present. The goal is to minimize the road accidents with young drivers, which now take about 30% of the number of road accidents in the statistics of the road police.

Young drivers will also start with a lower number of control points – two thirds of the total number which will be restored to them at a later stage. The law also bars any appeals when the violations of law are proven with video surveillance. The fine for a ticket doubles it’s price – from 50 to 100 leva.

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