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The investor in the Cascade Central Iskar will build a Hydroelectric dam on Maritsa

Submitted on Saturday, 23 May 2009No Comment

The Italian company Petrolvilla intends to invest in a strategic, massive hydroelectricity project at the river Maritsa in the section between the city Plovdiv and the border with Turkey, announced the president of the company Sergio Bortolotti.

The Italians are currently building the “Cascade Central Iskar”. The hydroelectric dam “Lakatnik” is already functional. Today the hydroelectric dam “Svrazhen” will also begin functioning.

The project “Cascade Central Iskar” is worth about 100 million euro.

The chief executive of the hydroelectric dam “Svoge” eng. Plamen Dilkov presented yesterday the final stage of the first phase of the construction of the project. The smaller hydroelectric dams “Opletnia”, “Levishte” and “Gabrovnitsa” will be completed between July 2009 and September 2010.