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The anniversary of the battle near Varna marked with a knights show

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The anniversary of the battle near Varna marked with a knights show

The 564th anniversary of the battle for Varna will be marked with various cultural events, among which are reenactments of knight combat, announced for Radio Focus-Varna the director of the Vladislav Varnenchik museum.

„Knight combats by the Varna stronghold” is the name of the knights’ show, organized by “Chigot” association, specialized in reenactments of historical events and stunts. The show will take place on November 8th at 5 PM in the park-museum Vladislav Varnenchik.

On November 10th – the day of the battle, a dirge from the orthodox church and a prayer from the catholic church will take place in honor of the fallen in the battle. Also a part of the initiative is the presenting of a bouquet to the sarcophagus of king Vladislav Varnenchik and the monument of Ianush Huniadi, and an exhibition “Poland during the Iageloni”.

The battle that we celebrate the anniversary of, took place 564 years ago and was bettwen the allied christian european army, lead by the kings Vladislav III Iagelo (a.k.a. Varnenchik) and Ianosh Huniadi, and the osman army lead by sultan Murad II.

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